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Families in Hebron

On my first visit to Hebron in February 2010 we visited families in their homes, and except for the Fraj family they lived in H2. Although the Fraj family lives in H1, they are still threatened daily with Israeli soldier harassment and Faraz Fraj (the father) was murdered in H1.

Below is a summary of two of the families:

  • In Hashem Azzah's family, his pregnant wife was thrown down the front Hashem Azzeh steps by the settlers (who live above their home) on two different occasions and she miscarried both times, a settler urinated on his daughter's head and Hashem's teeth were broken when a settler struck him. Because of the attack on his daughter, she cannot sleep without a light and constantly feels that there is something on her head.

    Amaal Mohammed
  • In the Olama family, the soldiers beat two of the sons, one lost an eye and the other one is mentally un-balanced because of beatings. The older son who is 18 lost vision in one eye because of beatings by the soldiers and received no medical attention, after being accused of throwing stones at soldiers, the younger son was visited 5 times by the Israeli military and was so badly beaten that he is often is unable to speak, and urinates in his bed at night.

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